Frequency Farm 17

Frequency Farm 17 (19/10/20)
The Farm is delighted to announce that this month’s edition is in the masterfull curatorial hands of :

NeverKnowsBetter’s Erin Wajufos & Ix.Shells

The “Digital Underground” curated by Erin Wajufos and Ix.Shells. This repurposed work is focused on themes of the future, digital intersections, processed emotion. Where physical and virtual realities merge, creating saturation and noise. Featuring Avalon Emerson, Akira, Toru Izumida, MKRNI, and a selection of emerging new media artists and videos created by friends. We hope this exhibit takes you beyond the natural impasse.

We thank you for joining us on this month’s exploration.
Welcome to the 17th edition of the Frequency Farm.