Frequency Farm 15

Frequency Farm 15 (17/08/20)
We kick off this month’s edition with some wise and poignant words from a very famous but unexpected figure at the Farm.

Here summer so far has been hot and unprecedented in that particular order, hot as we seem to break all heat records once again, unprecedented as in, pandemic.

This hasn’t stopped us from discovering and connecting with some amazingly kind and talented people from all over this little blue dot, we call home.

From Ghana’s E-Great to Germany’s ALva Noto, Scotland ‘s Lanark Artefax to France’s Feu St-Antoine , Kenya’s Monrhea Carter to America’s Moses Sumney, we find passionate people that bring us an immense joy to share with you at the Farm.

Obviously our selection is slightly longer, but as usual we need to keep this blurb short and invite you to sit back and discover…

Welcome to the 15th edition of the Frequency Farm.