Frequency Farm 24 (17/05/21)

Celebration !! 2 years of Frequency Farm !! Here we are at the 24th edition of our monthly VR gathering. Where robots and space truckers hang out ! In this month’s edition a tribute to Mika Vainio, some fresh releases from one of our favourite labels, Subtext Recordings. An amazing AV piece by Sabrina Ratté and a live on tape eurorack modular performance by Ringhof from SET Festival Tehran 2020!

Frequency Farm 23 (19/04/21)

This month’s selection focuses on female pioneers in electronic music. Some were radical in their innovation, some more subtle. We go as far back as the early 60’s and as close by as last week. This selection is by no means comprehensive, but rather limited to what our 1 hour format permits.

Frequency Farm 22 (15/03/21)

Eclecticness at his best for this month’s edition, music dating as far back as the early 1900’s to the latest and freshest releases from the last few weeks. From bedroom modular live performances to the highly polished experiences from the last CTM festival. Eclectic, electric and some good old lung powered fife flutes, eclectic indeed.

Frequency Farm 21 (15/02/21)

We are over the moon happy to announce that the curation for this month’s edition is in the hands of the incredibly talented and for many the author of 2020’s best album, we certainly think so, Aho Ssan.

Frequency Farm 20 (18/01/21)
2021 !! Here we go with our first edition of this new year. Get ready to discover some amazing AV works by ATŌMI and Pirate Sheep. Two modular sets, one by Helene Vogelsinger and one by Ringhof, both featuring their own and original visual accompaniment. Closing off with an appropriately titled song “Don’t go” by KNOR

Frequency Farm 19 (21/12/20)
True to the Farm’s dogma of eclecticness, this month’s edition starts off with a genre one might not often associate with our monthly gathering. We won’t spoil the beans in this blurb. We do eventually slip back into our comfort zone to bring you the latest and freshest frequencies.

Frequency Farm 18 (16/11/20)
Just like that, we have reached edition 18 of our monthly gathering. Not easy to describe this month’s content, other then stating, this is some pretty strong stuff ! A well packed hour of strong beats and bright brain flashes. Mixed with just the right amount of softness, because we love you fellow humans.

Frequency Farm 17 (19/10/20)
The Farm is delighted to announce that this month’s edition is in the masterfull curatorial hands of : NeverKnowsBetter’s Erin Wajufos & Ix.Shells.

The “Digital Underground” curated by Erin Wajufos and Ix.Shells. This repurposed work is focused on themes of the future, digital intersections, processed emotion. Where physical and virtual realities merge, creating saturation and noise. Featuring Avalon Emerson, Akira, Toru Izumida, MKRNI, and a selection of emerging new media artists and videos created by friends. We hope this exhibit takes you beyond the natural impasse.

Frequency Farm 16 (21/09/20)
Beauty, the focal point of this month’s edition. Beauty in nature, people, movement, images, sound. Most of all, the experience of beauty is something that we feel. We may not forget that the situation in various parts of the world is very dire at the moment, particularly thinking of Yemen. At the Farm we are hopeful, that in pausing to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, we can find in ourselves the resources we need to contribute towards easing the suffering of the many.
Frequency Farm 15 (17/08/20)
We kick off this month’s edition with some wise and poignant words from a very famous but unexpected figure at the Farm. Here summer so far has been hot and unprecedented in that particular order, hot as we seem to break all heat records once again, unprecedented as in, pandemic. This hasn’t stopped us from discovering and connecting with some amazingly kind and talented people from all over this little blue dot, we call home. From Ghana’s E-Great to Germany’s ALva Noto, Scotland ‘s Lanark Artefax to France’s Feu St-Antoine , Kenya’s Monrhea Carter to America’s Moses Sumney, we find passionate people that bring us an immense joy to share with you at the Farm.
Frequency Farm 14 (20/07/20)
As we inch closer to 2021, here at the farm we start to notice that 2020 was definitely the year we became totally obsessed with the sound of Granular Synthesis. As we discovered and fell in love with a lot of to us new artists, Goncalo Penas, Holy Similaun, Francesco Leali, Aho Ssan to only name a few, indeed there are a lot of grains in this month’s edition. The farm wouldn’t be the farm if we didn’t keep it eclectic,.. sit back and enjoy the ride.  
Frequency Farm 13 (15/06/20)
Evolving towards a fairer society where we all stand as equals, where there is no place for one to dominate and exploit the other, no place for cruelty in any shape or form, this can be our destiny. At the Farm we want to believe that creative expression is one of the things that can help us achieve that goal. Music is a language of emotion, where we as beings can express ourselves on many different levels, it is also a means for us to explore beyond the boundaries of our social construct. To see the other side is what allows us to build the bridges that bring us all closer to each other. We thank you for joining us on this month’s exploration.  
Frequency Farm 12 (18/05/20)
As you might have noticed, creative communities all around the globe have come together to stream some amazing audio and visual performances. We have been very fortunate to be able to attend some of these, and discover a lot of new talent that fit perfectly in our Farm of frequencies. A special shout out to Setfest Tehran and Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle for introducing us to Ringhof and Hiroshi Ebina, respectively. As for the rest of this month’s selection, some familiar names from our favourite labels and artists, and some,….. discover and enjoy. 
Frequency Farm 11 (20/04/20)
Here we are at the 11th edition, time does fly! An hour fully packed with some very out there pieces. One bee synthesizer, two amazing contributions via submithub, the latest release on Subtext from Roly Porter, and much more but we need to keep this blurb short and invite you to discover the rest. 
Frequency Farm 10 (16/03/20)
Sound as a friend, it can move you, charm you, excite you,..soothe you,… This month’s edition features a variety of sounds, some come in the shape of music, some not so much, they all share one common goal though, find their resonant souls. 
Frequency Farm 9 (17/02/20)
On our never ending quest to bring you new frequencies. In this edition, plenty of new names, thanks to Submithub, we reveived contributions from Norway, France, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, USA and UK. The show kicks off with two of the newest releases on our favourite label, Subtext Recordings ! Koenraad Ecker & Frederik Meulyzer / Aho Ssan. Further down we get the latest from Squarepusher, some … Gonjasufi, Jaques, Forest Drive West and AFAR. 
Frequency Farm 8 (20/01/20)
The future is here, we are in 2020 !! What better time to look back and relive the best of the Frequency Farm’s first year of existence. Indeed it’s the cliche format we see everywhere, The best of 2019, the content is all but klich though. 
Frequency Farm 7 (16/12/19)
December is the perfect month for a celestial visit.
The farm is happy to share with you a short heartwarming docu on “The Space Lady” only after some SpaceApe! Intertwined with plenty of our usual frequency richness, this time we even venture on an indie synth Pop Mod Punk Rock with capital R escapade,.. sounds from Nottingham, Cabestany, Paris, Metz, … & Melbourne ! The escapade is preceded by a double Frank Leone selection. ! 
Frequency Farm 6 (18/11/19)
6 Months = half a year,..we are half a year young !!!
To celebrate we are launching our own website, where you can find all the relevant info, the Archive!, Discord invites,…and more goodies to come. This edition is all about beats,..if it ain’t got beats it’s not in.
Byetone, Diamond Version, Senking,… they’ve got beats, they are on ! 
Frequency Farm 5 (28/10/19)
This month we are honoring the Farm’s favorite clothing designers! An inspection into ACRONYM®’s functional garments by tech ninja guru “Errolson Hugh” and we celebrate diversity in fashion with enfant terrible “Rick Owens”. It’s not all about clothing, we feature some of Ars Electronica’s finest AV works with a special focus on Dasha Rush and Klaus Obermaier featuring Rob Tannion. Fear not there won’t be a shortage of glitches, blips and beats as we finish off this month’s show with the Farm’s usual suspects, Empyset, Pan Sonic, Richard Devine,…
Frequency Farm 4 (16/09/19)
Quatre, Vier, Four, this is the fourth edition of our monthly Frequency Farm gathering. This month we enter the fourth dimension with a special focus on Berlin’s Atonal Festival, featuring past and present, interviews, live performance recordings and sublime av pieces. Besides our special festival focus we are also gearing our attention to a Brian Eno interview, and our usual collection of out there stuff.
Frequency Farm 3 (19/08/19)
Three is a lucky number, on this third Monday of the month we invite you to the third edition of the Frequency Farm. In this edition you can expect a trip from Porto’s finest electronic duo “Sturqen” to “Blvck Ceiling’s” witch house, yes witch house is a legit music microgenre! Join us for an hour of out there music and videos !
Frequency Farm 2 (15/07/19)
Frequency Farm welcomes you at what is already its 2nd edition, this month´s exchanges include Sunn o))), Plaster, an interview from Hiroaki Umeda, …. & more.
Frequency Farm 1 (17/06/19)
Once a month we come together in the virtual world of Sansar to share an hour of audio visual compositions in the ever expanding and evolving genres of microsound, glitch, noise, .electronica , experimental. If the codes Emptyset, Alva Noto, Subtext Recordings, Raster-Noton or even Yamataka Eye’s Hanatarash mean anything to you, join us every third Monday of the month.